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Blogging for Your Target Market

The key to running a successful blog is to know your readers backwards and forwards. You should write your content exclusively for them and in order to do that, you have to know their likes, interests, concerns and so on.

If you’re not getting the level of engagement that you want out of your blog, it might be time to reassess your target market and make a few changes to your approach.

Why Target Market Matters

There are two important reasons that you need to thoroughly understand your market. One is that a good blog builds relationships. Blogs are a form of social media and you want your readers to feel connected to you.

If you look at any blog with comments, shares, and other signs of engagement, you’ll see that the author has a strong bond with their audience.

The other reason is that when you start monetizing your blog, this deep connection will help you select relevant offers. You need to understand at a instinctive level what your readers want before you can offer the products or services they’re craving.

Furthermore, when you have a strong connection to your readers, your recommendations to them won’t look like selling.

How to Reassess Your Market

There are a few easy ways to reassess your market. One is to look at their feedback. Feedback doesn’t just mean comments and emails.

It includes everything a visitor does (or doesn’t do) on your blog. If there’s little reader activity, for example, this means you’re not engaging them.

If your analytics tell you that people are hitting your site and then bouncing off immediately, this means you’re not speaking to them effectively.

Lack of engagement could indicate that your blog has quality issues, but it could also tell you that you’re offering the wrong content for your market. Another common problem is that you may be casting your net too wide.

Blogs that try to please everyone rarely achieve the same level of engagement as those that are laser-targeted to a specific audience.

Your Target Market Profile

In order to reach their audience effectively, marketers create a target market profile. This is a specific description of the individual that they are targeting.

You should do this as well, making a profile of your perfect reader. Include demographic information, likes and dislikes, feelings, concerns, and anything else you need to know about them.

When you choose topics, write with this single person in mind. When you write for a specific audience, they feel that they belong there on your blog. When you’re target is too broad, your readers won’t feel any connection to you or your other readers.

A specifically laser-targeted blog is like an intimate coffee shop. A blog that’s too wide-ranging is like Grand Central Station. Where do you feel most comfortable?

Change Is Your Friend

After reassessing your target market, you may feel that changes need to be made. But this is easier said than done. Many bloggers shy away from making dramatic changes because they know they’ll lose a portion of their audience.

Actually, this is a good thing. You’ll keep the readers who you want to keep and lose the ones who were never going to listen or buy from you in the first place.

It may take a little time, but you’ll build a new audience that’s more in tune with what you’re writing, and they’ll be engaged and interested in your offers.

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