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February 2001 - FBT Operations become first company to qualify for PACIA Carrier accreditation

The Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) Carrier Accreditation Scheme was developed by chemical and transport industry representatives. This industry-regulated scheme aims to measurably improve the safety performance of transport carriers for the chemical industry by introducing an integrated, national standard of performance auditing. This will have the effect of streamlining the implementation of the Responsible Care Transportation Code of Practice, whilst minimizing duplication and audit costs. Accreditation will demonstrate that the company has met the requirements of a full safety systems audit and a partial physical hazard inspection.

FBT Operations were the first company to gain accreditation under the Carrier Accreditation Scheme following its launch during 2000. The FBT fleet of vehicles and operating practices are well used to scrutiny from the ISO auditors as well as from our major clients and WorkCover. The PACIA Carrier Accreditation Scheme is another milestone for the industry to aspire to.